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Thanks to artisticpleasantries for allowing me to express my coloring skillz I work rly hard on dis so no copa pasta plz!

Can’t say I was expecting this but I loved to be surprised. Everyone has there own way of doing things and I’m honored you’d take the time to colour it and have fun doing so. It makes me happy to see others express themselves; I get all ecstatic when someone chooses to through something I have made.

So thank you. Job well done


Watched guardians of teh galaxy earlier this week so :3

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i haven’t drawn anything in nearly two weeks and then fat dumb burds

ty 4 the suggestion, Lizzie

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Anonymous asked:
Would you mind making it transparent, if possible?

It is, and its linked in the second reblog i’ve done on it. Just check out my page and you’ll find it:3

Robo /and Cyborg Bebopvox Headcannons:

First of all they are two separate things. I couldn’t actually see normal Beps love Ridgedog as a Robot, to an extend yes, or for shipping as well as enough to do ‘things to him’ just because it makes Ridge grovel. 

Still nothing I could see him feeling for Ridge. (Doesn’t mean Cyborg is all for that either)

Robo Bebopvox:

Clanky robot that doesn’t seem all put together. Doesn’t vast in emotions but does have certain ones due to upgrades in technology but more set out on greed and happiness then anything else.

He’s not the most ‘up-to-date’ and relays on running to charge up or the sun. The grinding of ‘biomaterials’ to fuel him, hense eating food. This also means he has to take himself apart and clean but if he doesn’t he leaks everywhere which is fine to him till he can’t move and has to be cleaned. (Cause he would just leak all over Ridge as if “peeing on him”)

That’s just some general things, helps to move on to the Cyborg portion with out confustion

Cyborg Bebopvox:

This isn’t the jail out of free card for shipping proposes. As it makes more intimate things happen but it’s a high possibility that this would fall along the lines of how the story is in his videos.

Just like Robot he has to have fuel and like above he can charge different ways but eating food helps the most sense he is also part human. This does been he can create waste as well, which falls the same way but due to his bio structure he doesn’t have to deficate necessarily (is more a matter of choice in this case, but leaks all the same and actually pees on Ridgedog, cause its funny)

Still needs energy intake but it can come from anywhere.

Anywho, the set up I gave him is that he was human at some point but can’t remember much of that life, all that he woke up with mechanical parts and in a weakened state with nothing but a robo suit as a guide.

He has a robotic arm and leg and is covered in ‘ports’ where his suit can hook into. Sound familiar? Its a lot like Mr. Freeze. He can survive with out his suit but not for a long time. Bebop uses it for his protection. No body messes with robots, and it protect him from a lot of enemy’s. He design it for defense and power intake but it’s build looks old school and a bit crapy, but you couldn’t tell him other wise as he loves his fasinonble senses.

His suit however also entails him pain. Where the ports are is where he has to clamp in the suit in which connects to his nerves and is very painful to get on and off. Which leads to his oil veins cause his machine takes a bit of life out of him every time he takes the suit on and off (which gives that a rare occasion to happen). Not very fun and is why he doesn’t give a shit about hurting others.

He still has some human function, which also apply to his robotic self. Can’t be underwater for to long, need to sleep or recharge, upgrades and cleaning, etc. Things easily to compare with but not seem to out there for a robot. 

He doesn’t like his human side seen. Its more of something he doesn’t understand and has grown to see himself as a Robot.

Ridge and Bebop connection:

Which brings us to shipping. I can take it both ways but the Robot self isn’t the type of usual shipping but make it interesting and falls along the lines of Ridgedog never being alone cause technically Bebop can last forever.

Now as for the Cyborg and to explain a image (a few to come) one day when he goes to ‘kill’ Ridge and take his things he takes off his helmet and goes on about how he forgot how stuffy it was in there.

All knowing that Ridge can rejuvenate but he takes memory loss of regeneration into affect, after dying so many times you lose something. However Ridge has a thing about remembering everything (as he is a demi god and can’t truly die, all is an elaborate illusion) And now has something to use against the robotic turned cyborg. Which leads to lot of shippy things of course.

(As result of the livestream)

But it also and entail a lot of very upsetting things that can happen.